Development of mobile applications for IoT-based room temperature monitoring and control


  • Aang Alim Murtopo STMIK YMI Tegal, Indonesia
  • Mukhamad Zulfa Bakhtiar Amalani STMIK YMI Tegal, Indonesia
  • Syefudin Syefudin STMIK YMI Tegal, Indonesia
  • Gunawan Gunawan STMIK YMI Tegal, Indonesia



Internet of Things (IoT), Microcontroller ESP8266, Mobile App, Sensor DHT22, Temperature Control


The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most significant technologies, offering a wide range of innovative solutions to improve efficiency and convenience in various aspects of life. One important application of IoT is in environmental management and control, especially room temperature. This research aims to develop a mobile application capable of monitoring and controlling room temperature with an easy-to-understand user interface and the ability to forecast future temperature needs. Research methods used include experimental approaches, data analysis, and model validation to ensure applications function optimally in real-world conditions. The results showed that the application developed was effective in monitoring room temperature conditions in real-time and was able to adjust the temperature quickly and accurately. The implication of this research is the improvement of user convenience and energy efficiency through the use of IoT technology in everyday life.


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Murtopo, A. A., Amalani, M. Z. B., Syefudin, S., & Gunawan, G. (2024). Development of mobile applications for IoT-based room temperature monitoring and control. Jurnal Mandiri IT, 13(1), 99–105.

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