Jurnal Mandiri IT http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri <p>Jurnal Mandiri IT adalah jurnal peer-review yang diterbitkan dua kali setahun (Januari dan Juli) oleh Institute of Computer Science (IOCScience). Jurnal Mandiri IT dimaksudkan sebagai media publikasi untuk menerbitkan artikel-artikel yang melaporkan hasil penelitian Ilmu Komputer. Jurnal Mandiri IT terbit sejak tahun 2010 dengan ISSN <a href="http://u.lipi.go.id/1439978383" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2301-8984</a> (media cetak), dan pada tahun 2021 telah menggunakan ISSN Online.</p> Institute of Computer Science (IOCS) en-US Jurnal Mandiri IT 2301-8984 System of stunting information centre development using waterfall method http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/263 <p>Stunting is a condition in which the development and growth of children are stunted due to malnutrition. In Indonesia, 21.6% of the approximately 300 million stunting cases still exist. In an endeavour to combat stunting, the Indonesian government is holding posyandu at the lowest levels of government. Despite these efforts, a significant number of parents do not receive information about stunting. Therefore, this study will develop a web-based information application about stunting. The application is developed using the cascade methodology. The conclusion of this analysis was that the waterfall methodology is still applicable for small development teams. The application can then provide information on child development and malnutrition at any time.</p> Paradise Paradise Muhammad Afrizal Amrustian Copyright (c) 2024 Paradise Paradise, Muhammad Afrizal Amrustian https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-25 2024-01-25 12 3 161 168 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.263 Application of the saw method for employee selection system in the PT Pinus Merah Abadi http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/261 <p>PT Pinus Merah Abadi is a company engaged in the sales and distribution business with a distribution network spread throughout Indonesia, both through traditional and modern channels. Currently PT Pinus Merah Abadi carries out the employee selection process on average 2 (two) times a year with a total of 50-60 job applicants. The assessment process when selecting employees uses multiple criteria, namely assessment during psychological tests, competency tests and interviews. The employee selection process still has several problems, including subjectivity in the assessment process and it takes a long time because it is done manually, resulting in the decision making process being slow. Based on these problems, research is needed as a system innovation in making decisions regarding the selection or selection of new employees at PT Pinus Merah Abadi applies a simple additive weighting method based on six criteria, namely: test, education, age, experience, readiness and expertise. As a result, this system can help make it easier for HRD to select employees based on the highest ranking results.</p> Tya Septiani Nurfauzia Koeswara Eva Marsusanti Resti Yulistria Rosento Rosento Copyright (c) 2024 Tya Septiani Nurfauzia Koeswara, Eva Marsusanti, Resti Yulistria, Rosento Rosento https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-31 2024-01-31 12 3 192 199 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.261 Implementation of object oriented technology concept and rapid application development method in designing church service information system HKBP Perumnas Simalingkar http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/257 <p>Designing information systems that are appropriate and in accordance with user needs is a key element of success in designing information systems that are fast, easy, and able to manage various data and information needed by users. In this context, Object Oriented Technology and the Rapid Application Development Method provide a powerful and easy approach to designing information systems. This article describes the stages of the Rapid Application Development method starting from planning, design, development, and implementation in designing information systems tailored to the needs of the HKBP Perumnas Simalingkar Church Service. In addition, this article also discusses the use of Codeigniter 4 which has adopted the concept of Object Oriented Technology to make it easier to create complex information systems. Then this article also discusses the use of the Unified Modeling Language as a tool to model the design of information systems. The combination of the Object Oriented Technology concept and the Rapid Application Development method can increase the acceleration of making information systems and produce powerful information systems.</p> Sondang Sondang Copyright (c) 2024 Sondang Sondang https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 12 3 183 191 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.257 Key analysis of the hill cipher algorithm (Study of literature) http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/250 <p>The security of the data (message) sent is very important in maintaining the confidentiality of the message. Many algorithms can be used to secure messages. Among them is the Hill Cipher algorithm. The Hill Cipher algorithm is a classic cryptographic algorithm. This algorithm uses a square matrix key. In connection with the Hill Cipher algorithm key, this literature aims to examine the matrix that can be used as a key in the encryption and decryption process in the Hill Cipher algorithm. In this literature, we take a square matrix of order 3x3 and use 36 characters (A-Z, 0-9). To produce cipher text, the method used is to carry out an encryption process based on the Hill Cipher algorithm. The encryption process is carried out by multiplying the key matrix by the plaintext. The decryption process to get the plain text back is done by multiplying the ciphertext by the inverse modulo matrix of the key matrix. The encryption process can always be carried out, but not all decryption processes can be carried out. Because not all matrices can be used as key matrices. The results of this literature show that the key matrix must be a matrix of order mxm. A matrix with determinant value = 0 cannot be used as a key. Likewise, a matrix whose determinant value is not relatively prime with the number of characters to be encrypted or decrypted cannot be used as a key matrix</p> Sujarwo Sujarwo Copyright (c) 2024 Sujarwo Sujarwo https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-20 2024-01-20 12 3 135 141 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.250 Design and development of a website-based information system for receiving diplomas in the information management department of the Fakfak State Polytechnic http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/262 <p>The need for fast and accurate information is really needed by universities, because fast information will influence policies or steps taken. This requires universities to take concrete steps in providing information. Fakfak State Polytechnic, especially the Informatics Management Department, in the process of collecting, managing and providing information on the requirements for receiving or taking a diploma is still manual. Using technology is one of the right solutions for the rapid dissemination of information. Design of a web-based development diploma recipient information system at the Department of Information Management, Fakfak State Polytechnic. This system emerged as a solution aimed at assisting informatics management students in obtaining their diplomas. The method used by the author in creating this system is the waterfall method starting from the process of planning, analysis, design, writing program code, program testing and program design and system maintenance. The results of this research produced a website that is used to provide information and accommodate files which are a prerequisite for obtaining a diploma.</p> Andi Roy Deisya Maulida Al hamid Sudirman Ladese Hasta Hasta Copyright (c) 2024 Andi Roy, Deisya Maulida Al hamid, Sudirman Ladese, Hasta Hasta https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-25 2024-01-25 12 3 169 174 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.262 Simulation of local area network (LAN) computer network using cisco packet tracer at SMP Negeri 1 Grabagan http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/260 <p>Computer network, especially together with information technology, are now considered fundamental in all fields. A company’s information technology infrastructure is a strategic resource that must be handled effectively. Information technology infrastructure provides continuous processing and flow of information throughout the organization. A computer network that links machines is called a local area network over short distances among two or more places. To keep the network infrastructure functioning properly network security is very important. Cisco packet tracer is one of the tools used in simulations to setup network security. To build a computer network, procedures related to the network area required. Local Area Network (LAN) is an abbreviation off Local Area Network. LAN consist of several computers connected in a network. In this network, each computer can accsess data from other computers. Additionally, computers can access data from other computers. Apart from that, computers connected to LAN can also run hardware such as printers from other computers, chat with other computer ownerm or play games together. Network simulations on cisco system Local Area Network (LAN) computers using cisco packet treacer is a program for imulatinng network device, the program is used as a learning and training tool.</p> Ali Amran Sinta Ainun Zuhria M. David Ramadhani Putri Rahayu Susmawati Siti Nur Diana Luluk Bahrul Ulum Rida Nur Aulita Firman Aditya Firdaus Dede Latifah Astutik Astutik Copyright (c) 2024 Ali Amran, Sinta Ainun Zuhria, M. David Ramadhani, Putri Rahayu Susmawati, Siti Nur Diana, Luluk Bahrul Ulum, Rida Nur Aulita, Firman Aditya Firdaus, Dede Latifah, Astutik Astutik https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-29 2024-01-29 12 3 175 182 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.260 Decision support system for purchasing light fire extinguisher brands (APAR) on household needs using the weighted product (WP) method http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/252 <p>Fire, as a serious disaster with destructive impacts involving loss of material and human lives, is mainly triggered by electrical short circuits due to massive construction and the use of cables that do not comply with standards. The importance of developing electric power that complies with safety standards to protect people and property cannot be overstated. Electrical integration is aimed at increasing system efficiency, but electrical short circuits remain the main cause of fires, accounting for 45% of cases in Indonesia in 2021. To reduce the risk, preventive measures are needed such as repairing the electrical network, using standard equipment, and educating the public. A light fire extinguisher (APAR) is one of the highly recommended fire prevention media. The appropriate APAR for household needs is the Chemical Powder / Dry Cemical type because it is almost effective for all classes of fires, especially for electrical short circuits. But in purchasing we are faced with the many brands available as well as limited needs, desires and financial capabilities. In this context, a web-based Decision Support System (DSS) was developed using the Weighted Product (WP) method to select the Brand of Light Fire Extinguisher (APAR). The WP method gives weight to the criteria of price, quality and reliability, helping households choose an APAR that suits their needs and budget. The application of this method is expected to minimize errors in selecting the APAR brand, increase accuracy, and make it easier to use for those who want to make a purchase. This SPK makes a positive contribution in helping users make APAR purchasing decisions that suit their needs and preferences.</p> Dimas Fajar Maulana Nono Heryana Taufik Ridwan Copyright (c) 2024 Dimas Fajar Maulana, Nono Heryana, Taufik Ridwan https://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/CN# 2024-01-22 2024-01-22 12 3 153 160 Motorcycle workshop selection recommendation system in gading serpong using the topsis method http://ejournal.isha.or.id/index.php/Mandiri/article/view/249 <p>In Indonesia, motorbike repair shops have become a necessity for motorbike riders. The large number of motorcycle repair shops makes it difficult for users to determine the right repair shop according to their needs. Thus, the role of the recommendation system is needed. In order to meet the need for various criteria, a recommendation system for selecting a motorbike repair shop was built using a case study in Gading Serpong. The criteria used are distance, service, speed, price, and comfort of the waiting area. The TOPSIS method (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) is a multi-criteria method that is computationally efficient and is able to measure the relative performance of various decision alternatives in simple mathematical form. Therefore, this research system was built using the TOPSIS method. The test results in this research show that the TOPSIS method has been implemented correctly. Apart from that, a success test of the recommendation system has been carried out by distributing questionnaires, with a success percentage of 82.24%. The questionnaire results obtained have also been tested using Cronbach Alpha, with a result of 0.81, which means that the questionnaire results obtained can be trusted</p> Septaria Dwi Natapura Fenina Adline Twince Adhi Kusnadi Rena Nainggolan Copyright (c) 2024 Septaria Dwi Natapura, Fenina Adline Twince, Adhi Kusnadi, Rena Nainggolan https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2024-01-20 2024-01-20 12 3 142 152 10.35335/mandiri.v12i3.249