Peer Review Proccess

All Manual Manuscripts submitted to this journal must follow the focus and scope, as well as the author of this journal. Manuscripts submitted must discuss scientific benefits or novelty in accordance with the focus and scope. All manuscripts must be free from plagiarism content. All authors are advised to use plagiarism detection software to perform similarity checks. Editor of plagiarism detection of articles in this journal using Turnitin software.

Research articles and Literature Review submitted to this journal will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 (two) or more expert reviewers who adhere to the Double Blind Peer Review system. The author does not know who reviewed the article and the reviewer does not know whose article was reviewed. Reviewers provided valuable scientific comments to improve the content of the manuscript.

The final decision on acceptance of the article will be made by the Editor in accordance with the reviewer's comments. The publication of accepted articles including the order of articles to be published will be carried out by the Editor in Chief by considering the order of the date received and the geographical distribution of the authors as well as thematic issues.